Overall tips for clothing

  • COMFORT: Most importantly, you want to feel comfortable in what you wear. You don’t want an outfit that keeps shifting out of place or falling down. Choose clothing that allows you to play with your kids, move freely and feels good on you. For guys this means that shirts that look good untucked are usually better since you will be playing and moving around with your kids and you don’t want to have to keep tucking in your shirt.
  • ACCESSORIZE: Don’t forget earrings, bracelets, hats, or other accessories that help complete your outfit! Ladies, please avoid necklaces as they have a hard time staying in place and can get tangled up in those cuddle and tickle moments with your kids.
  • TEXTURE: Texture is a striking feature and adds great dimension to your photos and helps them stand out. Examples of texture include chambray, faux fur, chunky knits, lace, tweed, wool, etc.
  • MAKEUP: Apply your makeup in natural light so that you know how it will look for outdoor photos. Apply just a little bit more than you usually would and make sure to blend foundation well with your neck. Stay away from nude lipsticks as they wash you out, but do make sure to wear lip gloss (chapstick for everyone in the family so they don’t have the dry lip look). If you’re comfortable with it, help your eyes pop with natural length fake eyelashes.

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