What To Wear For Snowy Family Sessions

One of the first questions I get asked when families schedule a snowy winter session is what to wear. This can be especially challenging if you don’t own many winter weather pieces besides a snowsuit.

My best advice is that you want to look and feel warm. It is definitely not advisable to put your kiddos in cute sweaters or dresses only to take off their big old winter coat when you arrive. Not only do the kiddos look cold without proper winter clothing on but they actually will be cold in a matter of minutes and cold kiddos are a sure way to guarantee bad photos!

  • WHEN IT COMES TO COLD, LAYERS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND: Skip the ski jackets and snow-pants and opt for layers. Start with a thermal or base layer, long-johns or thermal leggings, add a sweater, button-down, fleece, or fashionable coat. From there accessorize with cute hats, scarves, mittens and of course cute warm winter boots! Please leave the old black boots you use to shovel the snow at home and opt for leather Sorels or some other more fashionable winter boot that will be fitting in snowy conditions.
  • THINK TEXTURES: Teddy fleeces, chunky cardigans, wool hats, knitted scarves… all these textures add dimension to the photo and make your outfits pop, not to mention keep you warm.

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